We offer an extensive Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) program. Children are involved in Physical Education activities that are taught by both a specialist teacher and the classroom teacher. Other aspects of the Physical Education curriculum covered include a dance program run by DANCE FEVER during Term 1, a fitness program in Terms 2 and 3, and a compulsory swimming program in Term 4.

Students are given the opportunity to represent the school in a number of inter-zone and diocesan sporting activities. These include touch football, soccer, netball, basketball, athletics, cross country and swimming. Our belief at St Paul the Apostle is that fitness can be fun, so we try to create enjoyable and energetic activities for our students.

Sports Carnivals

Swimming Carnival

This event is held in Term 4 for the following year. All students from Years 2-5 can participate in at least one event (children in Year 1 who are turning 8 and can swim 50m are also eligible to attend). Again students may nominate to participate in other events. Students in Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 6 remain at school on the day of the swimming carnival.

Cross Country

This event is held in Term 2. The students undergo training in the weeks leading up to the event by gradually building their fitness levels. The cross country is held on a school day and students in Stages Two and Three are invited to participate in the event. Early Stage One and Stage One remain in their rooms during the running of the cross country.

School Athletics Carnival

This event is held in Term 2. The Primary and Infants carnivals are held together. All the students in Early Stage One to Stage Three are encouraged to participate in the sprint and long distance races. At the Primary carnival the students also have the opportunity to participate in long jump and shot put. A novelty event is also organised for the day so all students can have some fun. The Infants carnival focuses on participation and enjoyment. Every student is encouraged to participate in a long distance, sprint event and hurdles. They are also given the opportunity to work as a team in ball games.

In each of these areas, Primary students have the opportunity to compete against other schools at the zone, and then the diocesan carnivals.

Intensive Swimming Program

The Intensive Swimming Program is a compulsory component of the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education syllabus. Students are taught skills in the area of aquatics dealing with water familiarisation, water confidence, water safety, floating and movement skills, basic swimming strokes, water safety and rescue skills, stroke development, diving, and emergency procedures. The program takes place in Term 4 for students in Kindergarten to Year 4.


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You can contact St Paul the Apostle Primary, Winston Hills by email or phone on 8841 3800, weekdays.

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Contact Us

  • You can contact St Paul the Apostle Primary, Winston Hills by email or phone on 8841 3800, weekdays.

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