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School Profile

St Paul the Apostle is a co-educational Catholic, systemic primary school in the parish of Winston Hills and within the Diocese of Parramatta. The school’s core values of integrity, commitment, faith, empathy and leadership are encouraged through our daily interactions.

We value the unique partnership between parish, parent and school, and together provide opportunities where all children can achieve their potential. At the centre of our community is a strong belief in our faith, and our commitment to it is continually nourished by the strong links we have with our parish priest, Fr Raning.

School Motto

The motto of St Paul the Apostle Primary is ‘Victory through Faith’. This is a legacy of the commitment and contribution of the Holy Faith Sisters, who established the school. The pastoral leadership provided by the Sisters has ensured that our school motto is truly reflective of our philosophy and spirit. Community spirit is evident, and parents are welcomed and valued members of our school.

Learning @ St Paul the Apostle

The quality of education is a high priority and the school leadership team and staff endeavour to deliver the best possible education for our students in an environment which values the dignity and unique talents of every student and teacher. St Paul the Apostle Primary utilises the latest educational research to offer its students a relevant and personalised 21st century education.

History of the School

St Paul the Apostle Primary was established in 1973 by Fr David Scott and the Sisters of Holy Faith. The Sisters were responsible for the running of the school between 1974 and 1999. The present lay Principal is Mrs Marian Bell and Assistant Principal is Mrs Jane Misek. The current parish priest is Fr Raning.

At the time of its establishment, the school was a single-storey building to which a second floor was added. A second two-storey building was constructed later and the school was completed when four demountables were purchased in the late 1970s and 1980s. During 1995, the parish undertook the building of a new school library, administration block and staffroom, which includes an undercover play area for the students and storage for the school and parent community.

During 2010 and 2011, St Paul's received a grant under the BER scheme and began the process of remodelling the classrooms to adapt them into agile learning spaces. The classrooms were updated with interactive whiteboards and air-conditioning.

As of 2017, we currently have Apple TV's, iPads, Macbooks, and many other items of current technology available for children and staff.

The 25th anniversary banner displayed in our office foyer encapsulates St Paul's beginnings, its growth and its aspirations for the future:

The CELTIC CROSS, coloured green, represents the Irish sisters of the Holy Faith Order who took on the task of establishing St Paul the Apostle Primary. The special charism of the Sisters has always been evident. The school has a strong focus on developing the faith of the community and building a loving and caring Christian community. This focus is evident in the school's motto, ‘Victory through Faith’.

The MULTI-COLOURED BUTTERFLY celebrates the diversity of backgrounds from which the students have come (approximately 57 different nationalities). The butterfly image was chosen to symbolise their early years in Kindergarten, their blossoming through the middle years and developing the confidence and skills necessary to move on to the next stage of their education and life, with a sense of adventure and a thirst for knowledge.

The BACKGROUND COLOURS of a gentle summer sky which is constantly changing and making our world more beautiful, represent the aspirations of the students and the whole school community as they go forward into a world which is changing daily – ‘the sky’s the limit’.


Contact Us

You can contact St Paul the Apostle Primary, Winston Hills by email or phone on 8841 3800, weekdays.

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Contact Us

  • You can contact St Paul the Apostle Primary, Winston Hills by email or phone on 8841 3800, weekdays.

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